Handy Tips!

There are collision monitoring groups across North America, and we encourage you to support them! You can also check out Just Save Birds on Facebook, to learn more from a community of folks who are active in conservation.

Spacing is key!

Want to help birds at home?

* Use products like ABC Bird Tape, Acopian BirdSavers (DIY!), Bird Crash Preventer (mixed reviews), CollidEscape (NOT the "clear" version), Feather Friendly, and Solyx on the outside surface of your windows. Use 2x2 inch spacing for surface applications, or 3-4 inch spacing for cords hanging in front of the glass.

Bird and Moon on window strikes:

See also: Consumer Guide to Bird Window Collision Prevention Systems
If you opt for using external window screens as a deterrent, consider solar shade screens for their reflection reduction properties. 

Pennsylvania Audubon has a good comparison of products and costs, however, I *do NOT* suggest blinds or curtains. The photo of tempera paint is one way to apply it, but stencils/patterns/non-solids are also optional. Liquid chalk markers are also handy for those purposes.

* Keep feeders within three feet of your windows.
* Use International Dark Sky Association protocol for exterior lighting.
* Keep cats indoors & support TENVAC programs.
* Don't use herbicides or pesticides: plant native plants and install nest boxes. 
* Read up: A Crashless Course in Avoiding Bird Collisions

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