Home window assessments

Are my windows safe for birds? 
The answer isn't as straightforward as you might think! Many products that are marketed as bird collision deterrents are expensive and ineffective, and that doesn't help you OR birds. Let your decisions be informed by 20+ years of experience in bird window collision and prevention research.

If a bird has hit your window and is alive, please secure it in a box and use Animal Help Now to find a nearby wildlife rehabilitation center.

Custom window risk assessment involves determining which collision deterrents would be the best fit for your home. A ranked list of suggested collision prevention methods will be provided, along with discussion and comparison between them, based on the images and information you provide.

If you would like a custom window risk assessment done for your home:

1) Send $25 to paypal.me/justsavebirds 
* In the memo list "window assessment" and your email address, with the physical address of the residence

2) Send an e-mail to justsavebirds (at) gmail (dot) com containing:

Subject: Window Assessment + physical address of the residence 

Specify short term or long term collision prevention solution preference (easy removal for renters, or permanent options for owners)

If any deterrents are currently being used, please note whether they are on the inside or outside surface of the glass. 

Include TWO photos of every side of the building that you want reviewed:
* One taken outside at a distance, showing the windows in relation to the rest of the building
* At least one from the inside looking straight out, with a view of what's outside/adjacent to the glass

If more are necessary for a particular view, they'll be requested. 

3) Please allow one week for confirmation and response!