Media Updates!

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Upcoming presentations & workshops:
July 2019 Seattle, WA - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World
7 pm, Thursday, July 18, 2019 - Seattle Audubon
Phinney Center / Community Hall, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 

July 2019 / Costa Rica - details TBD

September 2019 Jackson, MI - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World
6:30 pm, Tuesday 10 Sept 2019 Jackson Audubon 
Ella Sharp Museum, 3225 S Fourth St, Jackson, MI

Nov 2019 / Ames, IA - details TBD

Please see Washtenaw Safe Passage for additional upcoming events & previous engagements.

Recent media coverage: 
Hundreds of millions of birds die in collisions with building windows each year in the US (Michigan Radio, Environment Report)
Bird Collision Basics / American Birding Podcast
In the Field: Fall Migration with Heidi Trudell of Just Save Birds (profile)
The Fight for Flight (film)

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Historical coverage:
2008PublicationBird Density and Mortality at WindowsWilson Journal of Ornithology
2011RadioMarfa NPR: Birds & Drought in WTXMarfa NPR
2012RadioMarfa NPR: PR for upcoming festivalMarfa NPR
2014PodcastDead Birds on FacebookBirdchick Podcast (mention)
2014Article Birder Use Smartphones to Play Bird SongsWall Street Journal
Fall 2016ArticleCrashless Course in Avoiding Bird CollisionsABA blog / Birder's Guide to Gear
Spring 2017ArticleBird Strikes Take Heavy TollIron Mountain Daily News
Spring 2017RadioBirds, Glass, and Cats, Preventable ImpactsWEMU: The Green Room
Spring 2017PodcastSpring Migration / low numbers vs high strikesBill of the Birds Podcast (mention)
Fall 2017PodcastMy Science Story / ep 3 / Dead Birds!
Fall 2017PodcastEp 01-17 American Birding PodcastABA Podcast (mention)
Spring 2018ArticleClimate change, the over-bright night and glass windows: Threats to birdsVoice News
Mar 2018ArticleWashtenaw Audubon Safe Passage now monitoring thirty buildings in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor to reduce bird mortalityOneWildLife blog
May 2018ArticleHummingbirds & Window Collisions w/Donna HaynesHummingbird FB PSA
May 2018RadioTawas MI Birding Festivals / window collisionsTawas local station - ID pending
Fall 2018FilmFight for FlightFauna Creative
Fall 2018ArticleIn the Field: Fall Migration with Heidi Trudell of Just Save BirdsA Bird's Guide to Birding

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